In the summer we often slack off on routines that are so important to sanity in life. Summer gives us time and flexibility to go all out on recreation, vacations, sleeping in… lots of great stuff. But, when Fall comes we start to get our routines back into working order, because without them we really can’t successfully meet the challenges of work, school schedules, meals, and family time.

So, while you are making adjustments may I suggest one more? Come on back to church! Some people will say you don’t have to go to church to be a Christian- they are right, but think about this… You don’t need a parachute to jump out of plane, but you need it to survive experience!

Church can be really trying. It is full of people who mess up, a lot! They have lots of rough edges, and aren’t always easy to be around- just like me and you! But the Church is Jesus’ idea! He said, “I will build my Church”. Through life in the church you have almost countless opportunities to love the unlovely, to forgive, to give grace, to show mercy–yes, it is easier to stay home, but you will not grow in these vital areas if your don’t move among the people.

But, Praise the Lord, there is more to be discovered and experience at church than problems. There you will encounter God in Worship, support in prayer and fellowship, break-through moments, where God really gets up close and personal, and you begin to fall more and more in love with God! You will learn to understand the Bible, God’s Word, and how to apply it in ways that bring power, peace and stability.

So, while you are dusting off those other temporarily discarded routines, don’t forget to start setting your alarm to get up for going to God’s House! It may just reignite your faith and change your life!