First Baptist Church Petersburg, AK
Thursday, August 13, 2020
Jesus Christ is Lord!


 Sunday morning message 9.22.19 Marvin and Helen's Farewell
 Sunday morning message 9.29.19 Dressed for success
Wednesday night no recording
 Sunday morning message 11.10.19 Bosjun Reid's message
 Wednesday evening message 11.20.19 Lee Corrao Daniel Chapter 9
 No recorded message Sunday 12.29.19
 No Sunday recording
 Sunday morning service 1.19.20 Sanctity of Life
 Wednesday evening message 1.22.20 Daniel  In the Days of Those Kings
 Sunday morning message 1.26.20 Does Obedience Have a Price?
 Sunday morning message 2.9.20 Joining in the Work of Jesus
 Wednesday evening message 2.12.20 State of the World and the Church's role in it
 Wednesday evening message 2.19.20 Nebuchadnezzar Daniel Chapter 4
 Sunday morning message 2.23.20 Dealing with Temptations
 Sunday morning message 3.1.20 The Calling of the Disciples
 Wednesday evening message 3.4.20 Daniel 6 (Is Your God Able?)
 Sunday morning message 3.8.20 The Three Stages of Discipleship
 Sunday morning message 3.15.20 From Ordinary to Extraordinary