First Baptist Church Petersburg, AK
Saturday, November 18, 2017
Jesus Christ is Lord!

Men's Ministries

Men, it’s never been more difficult to be a godly man. It has also never been more important for you and me to be godly men
that literally seek after the Lord with their whole hearts. The world assails you from 
direction. Temptations abound in
everyday life. The Bible calls us to be the spiritual heads of our households. It challenges us to serve our families as servant leaders, loving our spouse and our children. We are encouraged to love our wives as Christ loved the church. The Bible tells me Christ Jesus died for the church.  Our children desperately need fathers that walk with the Lord.
 Yes, the challenges we face are great, but God’s word will show us and His Holy Spirit will teach us if we are willing to be taught.  
Are we willing to make the kind of difference our families desperately need us to make?  If you don't currently have your family in a Bible believing church I urge you to make this change.  Call me so we can talk. 
In Christ,
Pastor Don Higgins